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A Geoduck Is Not a Duck: A Story of a Unique Pacific Northwest Mollusk

A Geoduck Is Not a Duck: A Story of a Unique Pacific Northwest Mollusk

By Candy Wellins and Illustrated by Ellie Peterson


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Learn about the Pacific Northwest’s most unique shellfish in this hilarious account of mistaken identity.

In this fun and engaging graphic novel picture book mashup, a beachside breaking news story clues the audience into a dramatic development: there’s a gooey duck on the loose!

As the report goes on, it becomes clear to the audience that the news reporter doesn’t realize his story isn’t about a duck covered in goo but is instead about the world’s largest burrowing clam, a geoduck (pronounced gooey duck).

This story of mistaken identity is full of more twists and turns than a rough day at sea and will have everyone laughing as the reporter slowly uncovers the truth about the geoduck.

The book also includes fun facts about geoducks.

About the contributor(s)

Candy Wellins is a lifelong writer and book lover.  A former elementary school teacher, she has a BA in journalism and an M.Ed. in literacy education.  She’s now a full-time mom to three wonderful children who keep her up-to-date and immersed in kid’s literature.  When she’s not reading, writing or mother, she loves running, traveling and naps! Candy and her family make their home in Central Texas.

Ellie Peterson is a picture book author, illustrator, and educator living in the Seattle area. Her work is inspired by the countless interactions she's had with kids after 20 wonderful years as a classroom teacher and her experience growing up as a biracial army brat. Her goal is to make books that amuse, intrigue, and inspire children of all ages. 

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ISBN: 9781632173973
Publisher: Little Bigfoot
Date published:
Page count: 32
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals / Marine Life, Juvenile Nonfiction / Science & Nature / Earth Sciences / Water (Oceans, Lakes, etc.), and Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals
Ages: 5 to 8

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