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Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures: The Amazing True Stories of the World’s Weirdest Animals

Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures: The Amazing True Stories of the World’s Weirdest Animals

By Fiona Fogg


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A unique celebration of diverse animal behavior from around the world, blending dynamic full-page animal portraits with graphic-novel style story panels.

Meet strange and incredible creatures from all around the world in this colorful, fact-packed animal guide.

Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures tells the essential facts about some of the most unique mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects found on our planet. Bite-size text breaks down key information about each creature’s appearance, behavior, and habitat, while colorful and dynamic illustrations bring the animal to life. Each spread also features bold graphic-novel style panels that tell the story of a key aspect of each animal’s daily life, such as the aye-aye foraging for its dinner, and the colugo gliding from tree to tree.

The book showcases animals from six of the seven continents, from familiar creatures like the goblin shark, the platypus, and the three-toed sloth to lesser-known animals such as the hoatzin (a very smelly bird) and the alien-like undersea bobbit worm. Kids will love learning about their favorite animals and discovering new ones.

About the contributor(s)

Fiona Fogg is an award-winning illustrator based in Norwich, England. She has previously worked with clients including the National Trust, Blenheim Palace, and Norfolk Museums Service. Fiona has illustrated several children’s books, including Anglerfish: The Seadevil of the Deep (Candlewick). She has an MA in children’s book illustration from Cambridge School of Art, and was awarded second place in the 2020 Carmelite Prize in children’s book illustration.

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ISBN: 9781454954163
Publisher: Union Square Kids
Date published:
Page count: 56
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals / Endangered, Juvenile Nonfiction / Science & Nature, and Juvenile Nonfiction / Animals
Ages: 7 and up

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