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Space: Peek-a-Flap

Space: Peek-a-Flap

By Jaye Garnett, Illustrated by Junissa Bianda, and Edited by Cottage Door Press

Board book

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Welcome to the planetarium where you will begin your SPACE exploration! Friendly little astronauts guide you through the solar system, give you a lesson on our sun, land you on the moon, and take you inside a space ship. Big chunky flaps look inside and under and all around, with fun peek-a-boo holes to keep you guessing. A wonderful book for curious kids who want to know who, why, and what! Space is a really big subject and this lift-a-flap board book can help you explain stars and the sun, planets and the moon. 

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  • Sturdy, thick board pages and durable flaps designed to withstand traditional wear and tear for curious little infants and toddlers.
  • Lifting the interactive flaps encourages sensory exploration and helps support the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye-coordination in developing children.
  • Packed with new words and peek-a-boo surprises.
  • Bright, cheerful illustrations and interesting facts in these sensory lift-a-flap books for babies and preschoolers keep them entertained and engaged.
  • Perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and curious toddlers! Collect all the books in the Peek-a-Flap series.

About the contributor(s)

Jaye Garnett believes that kids are smarter than we give them credit for! So when he writes books for children, he uses rich content that will spark curiosity and build their vocabulary. If a child wants to learn more about something after reading his book, he considers that a WIN!

When Jaye isn't inspiring young minds, you might find him in a lighthouse. He is trying to visit every historic lighthouse in the U.S. He'd love to live in a lighthouse, but his spousal unit prefers to just admire them. For now.

(psssst! Jaye Garnett is actually a pen name for the Cottage Door Press team who worked on this book.)

Junissa Bianda is an illustrator from Indonesia with a passion for art! Rarely do you see her without a colored pencil and a sketchbook in her grasp. In the past, she proclaimed herself a professional scribbler, as she was known for scribbling on her friends' school notebooks. At first, she couldn't figure out which specific art field she loved the most. As a result, she enrolled in a number of art classes like oil painting, manga, 3d animation, and chose graphic design for her undergraduate degree. Her work can be identified as very whimsical and colorful. This is what later made her realize that her quirks fit quite well with children's illustration. Therefore she decided to get a graduate degree in children's book illustration at the Academy of Art University. That became her passion leading up to today. Now graduated and finally settling down in Indonesia with her mom, 5 siblings and two cats, she's ready to publish another children's book, and also venture into greeting cards and product licensing.

Cottage Door Press is an independent publisher of high-quality children's books. Our books are designed to spark curiosity in the littlest readers and fan the flames of lifelong learning. We understand children deserve our respect. That's why we always select artwork and stories that encourage caregivers to "read up" to their little ones--exploring interests together, learning together, and giving their young minds room to grow.

We also believe in creating stories that reflect the boundless possibilities of all children. We hope to create books that inspire little ones to connect, encourage them to dream, give them cause to celebrate, and allow them to see themselves beautifully reflected in the stories they read.

To bring these beautiful stories to life, our diverse and talented staff collaborates with authors and illustrators from all backgrounds and nationalities. We have also partnered with multicultural brands and literacy organizations to make sure our books reflect and reach as many little ones as possible.

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ISBN: 9781646387755
Publisher: Cottage Door Press
Date published:
Page count: 12
Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Technology / Astronauts & Space, Juvenile Fiction / Technology, and Juvenile Fiction / Science Fiction / Space Exploration
Ages: 2 to 6

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