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The Wishkeeper's Apprentice

The Wishkeeper's Apprentice

By Rachel Chivers Khoo and Illustrated by Rachel Sanson


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Wishes do come true—with some help from Felix and his quirky mentor, Mr. Beewinkle—in this magical adventure brimming with the power of hope.

When ten-year-old Felix drops a penny in the wishing fountain at the center of town, he really doesn’t expect his sixteen-year-old sister to suddenly like him again, or to offer to share a cinnamon bun or watch cartoons like they used to. She hasn’t even remembered she was supposed to give him a ride home! But someone else is at the fountain too: a strange old man with a fishing pole who claims to be invisible. To Felix’s amazement, he learns that the old man is a Wishkeeper, and he needs an apprentice! But being a Wishkeeper’s apprentice isn’t just about organizing incoming wishes and untangling wish snags: a strange wolf-man who’s been haunting Felix’s dreams is real and a threat to every wish that has ever been granted in the town of Whittlestone, the town’s Wishkeeper, and Felix himself. With lively illustrations, this sweet adventure bubbles with charm and heart.

About the contributor(s)

Rachel Chivers Khoo was born in Belfast. Growing up, her greatest wish was to become a published children’s author. Now that wish has come true, she’s planning on making more wishes . . . possibly involving a puppy or a lifetime’s supply of cinnamon buns. Rachel Chivers Khoo studied English literature at Trinity College, Oxford, and creative writing at Queen’s University, Belfast. She previously worked in book publishing and wrote her debut novel, The Wishkeeper’s Apprentice, at her kitchen table during maternity leave. She lives in London with her husband, two young sons, and far too many books.

Rachel Sanson is a children’s illustrator from the UK. Originally from a little town in the north of England, she studied illustration at the University of Lincoln. Growing up, she wished for superpowers. It hasn’t happened yet but hopefully someday soon. Rachel Sanson’s hobbies include being nocturnal, making friends with cats, and hiding under large piles of blankets. She lives in Bristol, UK.

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ISBN: 9781536231205
Publisher: Candlewick
Date published:
Page count: 240
Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic, Juvenile Fiction / Family / Siblings, and Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure
Ages: 7 to 10

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