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Time Travel Inn 2

Time Travel Inn 2

By Bart King and Illustrated by María Pesado


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4th Bestselling Children's Book Series of all Time --The New Yorker

Join Astrid, Trent, and Damien on another adventure through space and time that will take you to Elizabethan England and a futuristic world where people are mysteriously turning into ducks.

Astrid and co. are back in this highly anticipated sequel to CYOA's hit Time Travel Inn! Just weeks after the events of Time Travel Inn, the Inn gets an unwelcome visitor: a corrupt multiverse cop investigating the whereabouts of your grandmother Dolores. The problem is, you don't know where, or "when," she is, either. And meanwhile, your dad has developed an illness that's slowly turning him into… a duck? Your pals Trent and Damien join you (Astrid) as you travel through space and time to find a cure, and also help your grandmother evade capture. Time Travel Inn 2 is written by noted humorist and middle grade author Bart King.

Choose Your Own Adventure is the bestselling gamebook series of all time. Empowering generations of children through choice, it is widely commended for its appeal to reluctant readers.

About the contributor(s)

Bart King is one of America's Top 100 Barts. He is a longtime middle school teacher who has written over 25 books; his projects include Bad Dad Jokes:That's How Eye RollThe Pocket Guide to Mischief, and the science-fiction adventure The Drake Equation (Disney Hyperion). Bart is a recent winner of the Bulwer Lytton Writing Contest's "Vile Pun" award, and one of his titles was once Amazon's bestselling children's book for a whole day. Oh, and he likes turtles.

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ISBN: 9781954232174
Publisher: Chooseco
Date published:
Page count: 200
Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Interactive Adventures, Juvenile Fiction / Fairy Tales & Folklore, and Juvenile Fiction / Science Fiction / Time Travel
Ages: 9 to 12

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