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Tiny Gardening!

Tiny Gardening!

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Hoe, hoe, hoe! It's time to make a garden grow!

With this 34-piece kit, budding botanists build a teeny greenhouse and use itty-bitty garden tools to plant seeds in tiny pots. They can label their sprouts with tiny garden markers and decorate the greenhouse with full-color removable clings. When all the experimenting is over, kids can transplant their seedlings into the garden and start over. We give this itty-bitty botany lab two green thumbs up!

Product details

Brand: SmartLab Toys

  • Eight-piece miniature greenhouse
  • 3 tiny pots
  • 3 tiny test tubes
  • Tiny hand shovel
  • Tiny hand fork
  • Tiny beaker
  • 3 tiny garden markers
  • Illustrated greenhouse roof and wall panels
  • String for hydroponic watering
  • A tiny ruler to measure your plants as they grow
  • Petri dish
  • Green and blue filters
  • Decorative clings
  • Marker stickers
  • Illustrated 48-page book with 20 science experiments and explanations.

To ensure quality, children will supply their own garden soil and beans or seeds. The types of beans and seeds that work best are listed inside the book.

Two experiments use isopropyl alcohol. Always have an adult handle the rubbing alcohol.

Ages: 8 and up

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